The Holiday Shopper

Using Location Analytics and In-Store Mobile Surveys to Understand the Holiday Shopper

Locately's latest report uses location analytics and in-store mobile surveys to explore how people shopped last month for Holiday food occasions - with a focus on home-cooked meals and baking from scratch. Leveraging more than 6,000 mobile survey responses from 2,000+ panelists across the USA, we reveal which holiday events our panelists were shopping for, the role the shopper played in hosting/attending those events, and which food brands drove the strongest awareness through in-store shopper marketing activations. The report identifies opportunities for manufacturers and retailers to better engage with the shopper and drive additional product into the basket.

Inside the report you will discover:
  • What was the true path to purchase for 2013 Holiday food shopping occasions?
  • What was the impact on basket size of in-store displays for holiday cooking and baking needs?

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